Thursday, December 18, 2008

Should I or should I not do Christmas Cards this year????

I have been a tried and not feeling to Hot,OLD lady this year. I don't know how other Mom's do it with more than two kids. I am proud to say my Christmas shopping for my little family was done before Halloween and wrapped mid November. But when it comes to Christmas cards...I haven't done them. I have been trying to decide on a photo card, card with no photo, blog newsletter, no cards, cards or just a photo of the dogs.

Now I am behind. Dan already started to make and pass out cookies to his families he Home Teaches without a card. Thank goodness I didn't have to make the cookies, too. That's Dan's job. But as his wife, I am embarrassed. Dan passed out cookies in sandwich bags. Good way to improvise.

Anyways, here are a few photos of the kids in their Christmas outfits around the tree. If you don't get a card. I am sorry and please accept my apology. I just am to OLD and tired to keep up this Holiday Season.

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