Friday, March 14, 2008

Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy, come to my house!

About three weeks ago Ryan's front tooth came loose; not by natural causes. He decided to use his teeth to pull apart one of his toys. He was afraid to tell us; afraid he would get into trouble. I was excited for him; his tooth was loose. Ryan was not excited; he was freaked out. He finally told me how his tooth got loose.
I told him to leave his tooth alone for awhile and not wiggle it. I kept telling him it will be alright. When it's time for the tooth to come out; it will be OK. I started to talk to him about the Tooth Fairy. He still was not sure about the tooth Fairy. He tried so hard not to wiggle his tooth. But, it doesn't help when you fall down two days later face first.
We needed to make loosing his tooth a big deal and fun for him. How can you make it fun loosing a tooth? I texts my brother Bill who told me to chat with my sister-in-law Kathryn about some of her family traditions about yelling for the Tooth Fairy. What is the cost for loosing a tooth?
A week went by and Ryan still had his tooth. I have been checking his tooth almost every other day. I didn't think the tooth will be coming out. It seemed to tighten back up a little. I guess it wasn't time for it to come out. Boy, was I wrong. On Wednesday Ryan came in to talked to me and I noticed it didn't look right. I told Ryan his tooth came out. He just shrugged his shoulders; like it was nothing. I asked him; "Ry where is your tooth." Again, he shrugged his shoulders. For a minute I thought his tooth broke and his gum was swollen. But to my surprise; his tooth was ready to come out. He had another tooth already coming in.

"Ry without the tooth the Tooth Fairy can't leave him money." Once I said the word; "Money." He ran into his room and pulled out his bed to go underneath to find it. He tossed his tooth against the wall and it fall down between the wall and his bed. Somewhere underneath the trundle. He found his tooth.
I took him outside and told him he has to jump and waive his arms around. He had to yell for the Tooth Fairy. She has to hear he lost his tooth so she can find him and bring her bag of money. We were trying to get him to jump around yelling, "Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy! I lost my tooth. Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy! Come to my house. Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy! I'll see you tonight." He was trying so hard to remember the words, yell and jump around at the same time. He kept starting over and over again.

I told him the Tooth Fairy only comes once and he has to be asleep when she comes. I figure this way he would sleep and I can sneak in and put a note and some change under his pillow. That didn't work. He tried his hardest to keep awake. Any noise would wake him up. I never turned on the light. He thought his note he wrote to the Tooth Fairy was still there. He thought he lost his tooth. He was trying to find his tooth in the dark. I had the tooth and quickly slipped the note and change under his pillow. I told him it would be OK; get some sleep. After, I left he was still moving around. He finally turned on his light to look for his tooth. He started to scream; "The Tooth Fairy did come and I have money." He was so excited.