Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Today is Lindsay's 6th Birthday. She has been counting down her Birthday for over a year now. This last month she kept reminding me every hour her Birthday is getting closer, and she is so excited. She can't wait to turn 6 and then 7, and then 8...oh my goodness, "I can't believe I am such a big Girl."

10 things we love about Lindsay

10. She doesn't like to take naps, but when she does, "Peace and Quiet."
9. Her excitement she has for everything.
8. She loves, talk, talk, talk.
7. She loves her Mommy and Me time. Me too!
6. I love it when she hugs us and tells us she loves us.
5. Did I say she loves, talk, talk, talk.
4. I enjoy it when Lindsay is a great helper.
3. She loves surprises.
2. I am glad we are able to be her family.
1. We love Lindsay very much for who she is.

Happy Birthday!!!