Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pictures of Ryan and Lindsay 2011

Not so little Anymore! They are still my Two Silly Monkeys.

2011 has come and gone so fast!

I felt like 2011, I sleeped walked my way through. Yes, Literally! My kids have grow up so much. I can't believe Lindsay is now 8 years old and Ryan is almost 10 years old.

I feel almost energized. I had some health issues, but I am doing much better. I realized, I need to take care of me. I am not Womder Woman, or Super Mom, I am ME. I am learning to say NO and slow down enough to make sure I get some sleep. No more days of goig without Sleep for days and running on fumes.

Now the kids are getting older, I am looking at going back to days, just when I don't know yet. I am ready. Working 3rd shift for as long as I did was not easy and my health has taking a toll. I am actually not a failure, it was my body telling me to slow down and I needed oxygen. After spending two nights in a sleep clinic, I was not sleeping because I was not getting enough oxygen and I would stop breathing. No wonder I was so tried all the time. Yikes!