Monday, January 21, 2008

Dan's Family

Dan's family is not small. His parents had eight children; 3 boys and 5 girls. We had it figured out that his folks had eight children in the first 11 years of their marriage. This picture was taking in 2006. Dan is the eldest of his family. At the time of this picture we had no children. Dan and his sister Becky are the same age 2 weeks out of the year. Becky is married to Chad and they have two girls and one boy; Kacie, Logan, and Jessica. Debbie is married to Brett and they have one girl; Ellie. Rachelle married Richard and they have one girl and one boy; Kamae and Kyle. David married Jennifer the honeymoon is over; they had a little girl Katelyn. Still living the single night life are Mike, Marie and Sarah.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Family

My Family has grown in the last 13 years. My Parents had six kids; 5 boys and 1 girl. Of course, that means I was the only girl. I remember telling myself; one day I will have my sisters. Bill married Kathryn and they have three beautiful girls; Hannah, Eliza, and Sophia. Mark married Staci and they have two girls and one boy; Emma, Rebecca, and Matthew. I married Daniel in and we now have one boy and one girl. Jared married Miriam and they have one girl and one boy; Eva and I call my newest nephew Gavin (aka baby Jared Jr.). Joshua married Lorretta and they are still the newlyweds. And my youngest brother Andrew enjoying the single life. The count today is Girls 13 and Boys 10. As you can see the girls are out numbering the boys. And that is just on my side.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow Angels

Ryan will be six in February. He keeps tell everyone he is six, almost. He has a lot of energy. Sometimes, way too much energy. He loves to have fun, enjoys boy movies not girl movies, and love to play with his Transformers and Star Wars toys. He is excited to be in Kindergarten; and we are's all day kindergarten.

Lindsay just turned four last October. She is a girly girl all the way and loves to be the Princess of the house. She loves her ballet classes and is excited to start a new preschool. She laughs everytime she says her preschool name. She thinks it is funny to have a school named Dancing Moose.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lindsay's ballet recital

Lindsay started ballet at C & C Ballet after her 4th Birthday. She has been very excited to finally be a ballerina. She had her first recital December 19th, just before the Christmas break. Lindsay was wearing a cute red outfit and antlers; dancing to Rudolph the red nose reindeer. She did great! The ballet recital was held at a high school gym instead of an auditorium; due to the auditorium was vandalized two days before the recital. She is third ballerina from the left. Enjoy the recital.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Family News Letter

Our first Family newsletter

The 2007 year has been a very interesting year. We are grateful for Family and Friends. Without our Family and Friends 2007 would have been even harder then we thought it would be. We want to Thank each one of our Family and Friends who lend an ear, encouraging advice and a hug when needed. We are blessed to have you as part of our support system.

We started the year off as a Foster Family for a sibling group that need a home. It was not easy going from nine years of marriage and have placed with us a little boy 4 1/2 and a little girl 3 years of age. They were placed in our home October 2006. The honeymoon was over the first hour after having them in our care. It started out to be a hard adjustment. We wanted so much for this to be a positive experience and share our home with children who need a safe and loving environment.

We have been told things will come around once you give unconditional love. That was one factor in the equation. The problem we did not know how to give unconditional love to not one but two children who so much did not want it. They did not know what was going on and why they were not with their family. It was hard to see them and their sad brown, teary eyes look at you and not understand.

These two silly monkeys brought the good, the bad and the ugly all at once and it seemed a little to overwhelming most of the times. For a couple, who did not have children for 9 years of their marriage; it made you think of the years of not having children look better and better.

We did not want to spoil them, but we want them to have some good memories and some fun experience. Things changed because we were not giving up on them. We took them to meet our Family and go on a Family Vacation. Things were looking good. Both Ryan and Lindsay were growing and learning to play catch up to all the other kids.

Ryan and Lindsay are both happy to be adopted and sealed to our Family. They can't believe how many cousins they now have. Ryan is almost six years old. He is in all day Kindergarden. There are days he wishes he could stay home and play instead of going to school. He enjoyed playing soccer when it was not cold and rainy. Lindsay just turned 4 years old and is in preschool a few hours durning the week. She enjoys her ballet class and just had her first receital. She loves telling everyone we are married now.

We are happy they are able to be adopted and stay in our home as a part of our family. We thought that day would never come. We are able to start 2008 off with a new start as a Family and put some of the unhappy memories behind us and move forward. We wish everyone a Happy New Year.

And may your dreams and wishes come true.....For us it has, especially now we have finished the downstairs basement as a playroom and a functioning toilet. The toilet started off as a joke, "What would you like for Christmas? A toilet." Thanks to my Mom and Dad for letting that happen. And to Dan's Mom and Dad thank you for your contributions for a soon to be bathroom sink. I am just waiting on Dan to finish hooking it all up. This joke finally came true and makes a good family story.

Of course, we will still be sending stories and photos of our Dogs; Koda and Bauer from time to time. Just because there are grand kids from us now; doesn't me I am going to stop with photos of just the kids. Let's see I will have to send the update on Koda's Hello and tricks. Oh! and Bauer can crawl. We are still working on Bauer's Hello. Our two cats have hit the up tight old maids.

Again Happy New years from our Family to yours.
Dan, Mel, Ryan and Lindsay.
(koda, bauer, parie, and pacey too! we can't forget them too!)