Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lindsay's Ballet Recital 2008

Lindsay is in her second year of Ballet. She had her first recital yesterday, December 17, 2008. She was excited to have a new teacher this year. She had new friends and few friends from last year in her class. She was excited to see Aurora and Mindi.

This years class is bigger than last years class. Her custom this year is florescent lime green and purple. She was excited to be on state again. Lindsay was excited to see her Aunt Debbie, cousin Ellie, Aunt Marie and Aurora's family at the recital to see her and Aurora perform.

Here is a photo of Lindsay and Aurora waiting their turn to go on stage. And quick photo of Ellie, Aurora, and Lindsay before the girls get distracted with other pretty customs. Oops, to late...not quick enough....have the backs of their heads or doing something else. Oh, well.

A little brief family History: Ellie is Lindsay and Aurora's cousin, since Aunt Debbie married Brenda's brother Brett. Brenda is Aurora's mom and Lindsay's ballet teacher from last year. Funny huh? Debbie was the one who suggested Lindsay take ballet class from Brenda. It has been wonderful getting to know Brenda and Aurora.

Lindsay is excited to have her ballet performance on our family blog. She is very proud to not be "Shy." Like she would ever be shy. She is a Miss Diva.

Lindsay is the one on the very end. And Aurora is five down from Lindsay. Sorry, not the best focus job on the video...let's blame it on the lights and being rushed.

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Mad Queen said...

Being a diva is a good thing... it says, "confidence"! Sounds like you are doing a great job Momma! She is such a button.