Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here is our decision on a Christmas Card.

It will be late mailing them out. But that is okay. It will be going to mostly Family members and a few friends. It all depends on who's addresses I have. If you didn't get one, I am sorry. That is why I am posting this to our blog and facebook that way everyone can see it. We do wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

I will after the New Year post a Our 2nd annual Family Newsletter on the blog.


ykrause said...

Just read your blog. Thanks for the card. How do other mom's do it? As my mother said who reared six children while working full-time and being involved in extra activities: "I asked a woman who had 10 children how she did it. She said 'well, one child took all my time; I didn't see how 10 could take any less...'" Best wishes.

ykrause said...

Hi! Just read your blog. How do other (working) moms do it? To quote my mom (reared 6 children while working f.t. and having extra activities), she quoted a woman with 10 children, who said, "well 1 took all my time; I didn't see how 10 could take any less." Best wishes