Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Night BBQ

If you had a brand new home and good size backyard, would you have a BBQ? Of course you would. Now let's look at it a different way. Your brand new home has light color carpet, stairs, piano, fire pit,no furniture and a backyard full of dirt. Would you have a BBQ and invite your family over with their kids? I am thinking NOT.

Josh and Loretta are expecting their first child. We are very thankful for the hospitality and opening up their home and being Host and Hostess. We are hoping we have not scared them away from having anymore kids or maybe we have paved the way of what to be prepared for in years to come.

Josh and Loretta's home was a dream come true for all kids. Plenty of room to run around and get dirty. The kids had a wonderful time. Of course, Ryan heard Uncle Josh had a Ball. Then his focus was the Ball. Before the rules were explained, Ryan already kicked the ball at the sliding glass door. Thank goodness, no windows broken.

All the girls were running around up the stairs and to the loft. Then someone found Loretta's piano and all the kids were drawn to playing the piano. Now, Eva and Lindsay were drawn to the fire pit and the torches. Yes, they were lite. No one got hurt. An adult had to be outside all the time.

Josh's BBQ just would not lite. No problem, move to plan B, the oven. Now this is where the discussion of a double oven would have came very valuable. Even though it took longer to get dinner going. I did not hear any of the kids crying they were hungry. The were to occupied with having fun. The food was excellent.

Darkness came and the party for the kids went outside to the fire pit for smore's. It was a nice evening to hang outside and a few still lingered inside for a nice conversation.

Thank you Josh and Loretta. Please remember the good times as you find little finger prints not coming off or foot prints soled in the carpet. Remember paint does wonders for covering walls and besides that plan of replacing the carpet may come a little sooner than later.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday morning started off with Breakfast at Fedderman's Camp. Then after Breakfast kids can run around and play. They had horses, zip line, play ground and plenty of places for them to hide eggs. The kids enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

It is Spring Break in Utah. Were do we go, of course, California to see Grandma, Grandpa and cousins. Ryan and Lindsay were excited to goto Six Flags with Grandma and Grandpa. They wish all their cousins could have gone to, but they had work and school. Bum deal.

We hoped for a beautiful day, but we did get rained on. The kids enjoyed seeing all the shows or events for the whale, seals, dolphins, sting rays, sharks and pengins. They were bum they could not see all the other events with the elephants, tigers or other wildlife. We were not able to find the path to get to them. Their map was not a very good map.

The rides were either to small or too big for Ryan and Lindsay to ride. They were bum again. We tried to make it a fun day. Ryan and Lindsay kept saying it was their bestest day ever or their worst day ever depending on what happened.

Lindsay and Ryan enjoyed being up close to the Dolphins and learning to give them commands, feeding the seals, and watching the seals and killer whale perform. The kids did get to go on a swing and the log ride a few times. Lindsay liked the log ride the first few times, but then she got wet and it was raining. Ryan loved it and wanted to keep going. Especially, since no one was in line, they were letting continue ride it over and over again.

From 04/10/09 family trip to Six Flags

We finally found a roller coaster that Ryan can ride on. The Tony Hawk Big Spin. As we got closer, Lindsay was able to ride it too. Both Ryan and Lindsay were excited. Lindsay is all strapped in and Ready to go. Her hands up high and scream this is COOL. Once it dropped and started to spin. She was ready to get off. Ryan was still screaming, this is Sweet.

Six Flags was ok. I would rather go to Disneyland, San Diego Zoo and Sea World, since there are more for are kids to do and enjoy. Maybe next time.

Ryan and Lindsay did have a wonderful time spending with their Grandma and Grandpa. They love California and all the different things they get to do or experience. Ryan said it would be more fun if all the cousins could have been their with us too.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

We can't forget the Beach!

Ryan and Lindsay all the way from Utah to Calfornia, kept telling us we can't forget the beach. We decided to take them to Baker Beach. For anyone who has been to California knows there are miles and miles of beaches. Not all of California Beaches are the same especially when you are in Northern California.

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Now check out that view. We had the whole beach to ourselves. Maybe, part is because of the weather. Oh well, it was a nice day to spend together.

From Easter2009

Ryan and Lindsay couldn't believe we were still in California, because this was not the same beach they went to in Southern California.

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We also had the chance to go on the Golden Gate Bridge. It started out to be an oops we missed our turn off. Ryan and Lindsay loved going over all the bridges. We stopped to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, but Ryan and Lindsay were happy with how far they were already on the bridge, but ready to go to the beach.

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