Thursday, February 2, 2012

Celebrating the BIG Four-Oh!!!

Dan celebrated his 40th Birthday with friends and family. Dan has been complaining about pains on his left elbow and the t-band on his leg. Ryan and Lindsay were trying to keep things a secret, but Dad new from the beginning. The kids wanted to do a funeral for his foot. Of course, they over heard a conversation of mine. So, I had to make sure they were in on things and did Art projects. But instead of making a coffin they made a big mess making a maze. We did take pictures of his feet and made some tombstones. We were going to have a little quite moment and some over the hill music at the beginning and then have some fun while we eat. Things didn't go as planned, but oh well. Dan ended up Hosting his own Birthday Party, while I went to the Urgent care to have my hand looked at after being bitten by our dog Koda. Talk about taking the mood from a Party, before it even start. Anyways, that's a different story. I was glad to be home before he cut his cake and try to blow out his candle. We also celebrated his birthday on his actually birthdate January 31, 2012, by going out to eat as a family.