Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Beloved Pacey

On Monday August 24, 2009 our beloved cat Pacey passed away. She was almost 11 years old. We are sad she has passed away, but she is in a better place. She leaves behind her sister Parie, her protectors Koda and Bauer. She also leaves behind her owners who took good care of her and their kids who enjoyed chasing her.

Pacey was an unusually looking Calico cat. Another way to describe Pacey's looks was an Orange Tabby who fell down the chimney. She also had Big beautiful green eyes and a belly that wobbled when she ran.

She liked to mother her sister Parie. Sometimes, Parie didn't want to get a bath, but Pacey would fight with her until she can get her penned down to give her a bath. Pacey would hide from people unless she was seeking attention. She would surprise people with licking and grooming their hair. She would also make people jump when she meowed. She can be loud, especially when she jumps up and surprises you.

Pacey most of the time was an emotional cat. Even our vet has suggested anti-depressants or Cat Therapy. Yes, medication and therapy. She stresses out when there is change. She will lick and lick until her hair starts to fall out or a new sore appears. You always knew when she was around when she meows or coughs up a hair ball. She sneaks around and hides; until she has a moment to dash right pass you. But around me she was like any other cat; very lovable and happy. She loved to cuddle at night with me. Sometimes I didn't know she was there until I rolled on top of her.

She loves to have her head rubbed. And if you can't rub her; she will find other object to rub her head against. When you start to pet Pacey; she would collapse and start moving her head against you for one of her head rubs. She loved her scratching post or any kind of toy that she can rub against. Her favorite treat is Cat Nip. To her Cat Nip was a drug of happiness for her.

Yes, our beloved Pacey was strange, but she was our strange, stressed out and lovable cat. We didn't even know how close she was to her time. We hope she enjoyed her last few weeks with us. Her body was slowly shutting down. We did not know her kidneys were not working and she was dying. We thought she caught a cold and started to loose her meow. The day we were going to take her into the Vet; it was too late.

Pacey died in her sleep in her favorite bed while rubbing her head. I know that sounds weird, but she did. She had a smile on her face and her head in her rubbing position. Pacey will always have a place in our heart. We hope she is not giving the Angels up in Heaven a hard time. We hope she is in Peace, Happy and not stressing out over her new change. If she is just give her a rubbing toy with lots of Cat Nip. She will be just fine.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Andrew Graduates from BYU

My brother Drew graduated from BYU in Internation Studies. What he is going to do with that degree? At this time...I don't know.

Lindsay and Ryan were looking forward to the PARTY Uncle Drew invited them to. All day long they wanted to know when the Party was going to start.

Drew had a BBQ at the Park near his Apartments. He had a bounce slide and a joucing bouncer too. My kids were in Heaven. The bounced and bounced all night long.

Lindsay and Ryan thought Uncle Drew had the "BESTEST PARTY" in the whole world. I guess a bounce slide sure can make any kid feel WOW!

CONGRATS again DREW on your accomplishment.