Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy 37th Birthday Dan!

January 31st, 1972

Dan is a wonderful cook, handy man, house keeper, landscaper, dog walker, husband, father, friend and Eternal companion. He always makes me laugh. I just have to watch out sometimes when he plays his practical jokes. He is a very loving man and has a lot of patience. Believe it or not, he has me on a pedal stool and treats me as a Queen. He knows me the Best.
My husband is an OLD MAN! His bones are already aching and he is always complaining about the new gray hairs he is finding and the new places hair can grow. Just kidding my love. Ha, Ha, Ha!

Dan was a cute and happy baby. As he gets older, he gets even better looking with age. He has beautiful, and honest eyes. The crows feet around his eyes just means he is still always smiling.

These are a few photos of my husband when he was a little boy. Doesn't he look like Ralph minus the glasses from the Christmas Story in this photo.

Happy Birthday Dan!

I love you very much. As we always tease each other and say....I you once I love you and if it ever changes I will let you know.

LOve you infinitely more,


P.S. Save this date January 31, 2012 on your calendars. I am planning Dan's Black 40th Birthday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Family Newsletter

Our Second Family Newsletter

Ryan and Lindsay are happy to be in our family. But it is not easy to start a new path. They are trying to find their own way to attach. We are learning how we can help them to move forward. That has been our Theme all year.....Keep MOVING FORWARD
This year the Lindsay Clan had a family camping trip. Ryan and Lindsay enjoyed getting to know their Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. They can't believe they have a big family. Ryan kept asking why their can't be more Ryan's than Lindsay's. We just laugh and try to Explain. That doesn't seem to work. He even asked if Uncle Drew can become a Ryan.

Around the same time we were having this camping trip. We had family on Dan's side visiting from Indiana. They also headed for California. We were able to spend time with the Neely's in Utah and in California for a few days before they headed back home. We went to the Park, Beach, and the Aquarium. We has so much Fun!

Ryan and Lindsay were able to spend time with their Uncle Drew. Ryan was able to go hang out with him and go see Kong Fu Panda. Lindsay was excited to see Hannah Montana at the Stadium of Fire. Thanks Uncle Drew for spending time with the kids.

Dan hit his 10 years with Coca Cola. He has been working hard on all the Honey to Do List. He was proud of his painting projects of doing Lindsay and Ryan's room. Ryan loves his checker pattern wall and Lindsay loves her stripes.

As for myself, I have been sick every month. I can't seem to get rid of this sinus infection or catching whatever cold my kids brought home from friends or school. I didn't think being a mom would be this overwhelming and hard. I am on my 8th year with Discover Card as an Account Manager Specialist. I enjoy blogging, making quilts, reading a book for enjoyment, and finding the best in my children.

Ryan finished Kindergarten and started the 1st grade. He loves to play soccer, and excited he is learning to spell and read. He is like any normal Boy....full of Energy. Ryan was so excited to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels.

Lindsay loves ballet and pretending to be a Princess. She loves Hello Kitty and Princesses. She has been attending preschool. Somedays she loves it other days she just wants to stay at home with mommy.

Both kids love their new rooms they were so excited to choose there favorite colors. And to decorate them with things they like. They were happy to make it their own room.

Lindsay's room is Pink and Chocolate. She has two different pink stripes with chocolate doors and trim. She has Hello Kitty decals on her wall. She loves her new Hello Kitty's and her Hello Kitty comfortor. We are still finishing up the decorations in her room. She is looking forward to the brown letters spelling out her name on her wall, and her decorated mirror. The theme in her room is Hello Kitty.

Ryan's room is Blue and Chocolate. He has two different blue squares all over his wall making it a checker pattern on his wall with chocolate doors and trim. He has Transformer decals on his wall. He loves Transformers. He also has Transformer comforter. The theme in his room is Transformers. He is waiting for his Red letter to go his wall spelling out his name.
As we go through old photos...we can't believe how much they have grown. We are looking forward to another year to continue to move forward as a Family.
We send our best to each of you and wish everyone a Happy New Year.
Dan, Missy, Ryan and Lindsay.