Monday, April 14, 2008

Thank you note to my Husband!

I want to say Thank you to my Husband for picking up the slack and making sure the house stayed in a little order while I was sick; so it wasn't a disaster zone. I love you honey. I am so thankful my husband is not a lazy slub. He is a keeper for life. Thank you, for making it a little easier coming back. And allowing me the time to really rest. They say a marriage shouldn't be 50/50. A marriage should be where each part is giving 100%. I appreciate you Dan. Honey, you were giving 210%; while mine was on temperary out of order. Thank you for your love, commitment, service, sofe spoken words of compassion and those healing hands.

When it was us (ya know double income and no kids.) We could let a few things wait or hire a temperary Maid to keep up on the daily/weekly cleaning. But now with kids, my heavens if we did not do anything. Lets just say; it would have scared Molly Maids away. Heck, it might have even gone to Clean House. I know you were exhausted working 10 hours days. Then to come home and be Mister Mom and the Super Nanny rolled in one. Usually, you came home to being a part time Super Nanny and lite maid duties from time to time.

I do have to say "What a hottie" to watch you in action. I am thankful and love you more and more each and everyday to have you as my Husband forever. I am thankful for our Heavenly Father whom allowed us these 10 years to be together and the many more years to come for Time and all Eternity.

I love you very much forever and ever.


Hello Family and Friends

Just wanted to say Hello to Everyone. It has been awhile since I written or post photos on our Family Blog. We hope all is well with everyone and their family.

We had an enjoyable time for Easter up in Logan, Utah. We visited my husband's side of the family. Ryan and Lindsay were excited to go to the movies with their cousins to see "Horton and the Who." And of course, playing, running around and blowing bubbles. The kids were having so much fun; we forgot to color Easter Egg.

We brought our Dogs with us; Koda and Bauer. They love to travel. They had a field day running around in Aunt Debbie's big backyard. This would have been a perfect day to have my camera in my hand and ready or better yet a video camera.

I will try my best to describe it....but a video clip would have been funnier to watch. Our dogs Bauer and Koda ran up close to her house were there was still snow. They loved to jump around and play in the snow. Bauer drop and rolled on his back and used his back legs to give him a push. The incline or little hill that went away from the house and was a perfect snow slide for Bauer. Bauer would get up and go back to the top of hill and roll back on his back to slide down the hill over and over.

It was absolutely funny. He looked like a seal sliding around on his back until he rolled over and came to a stop. And moments like these you never want to be without a camera or video camera. It was a laughter for everyone and the kids were laughing and giggling. Their excitement would have also been a treasure to get on video watching this event.

Easter morning was different. We had that night into early morning some snow. So, the fun of hiding eggs out side for the Easter Egg Hunt was a no go. As well as our Family was starting to get sick with the flu and cough that was going around. I hate it when our Family gets sick. It effects everything and the everyday task that needs to be done and sometimes takes a weekend to get caught back up.

Our Family has been hit hard with the flu and cough that has been going around. Our attention has been on getting each one of us better. This time around it was not the easiest for both Dan and I. This time I was really sick. I had a fever of 102 degrees and this fever lasted 5 days before it showed a sign of going down. It wasn't until the 6th day that my fever was gone. I had this cough that was at a breaking point of my head feeling like it was going to explode. I have been out of commission for two weeks solid and in bed. This last week and this week it is hard to get back on track and back in the grove of things. I am exhausted and tried.

Thanks to all Family and Friends who helped taking the kids to and from school or watching them until Dan returned home from work. We really appreciate all the help to our Family.