Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stadium of Fire

Ryan and Lindsay were so surprised when they found out they were going to a Jonas concert. They were both so surprised and of course it became their "BESTEST DAY EVER."

Ryan waited and waited but patience is not his best quality. He was bored with all the other 4th of July celebrations that was going on. But HEY...give a kid a pair of binoculars and it will all go away until the munches come. Instead of saying they are hungry. Ryan and Lindsay would say, "I smell something." Or "Wouldn't it be nice to have some family time and eat candy." Or "I remember when we had some popcorn watching a movie." We just smiled and set the thought aside for awhile.

Lindsay did not want us to forget we were their to have fun. She whispered in my ear and said,"Mommy lets go surprise Ryan and Daddy with some Soda." Yes, Lindsay and I excused ourselves to use the Ladies Room. I knew what Lindsay wanted. But I knew what I wanted to do. All the way to the Ladies Room Lindsay would talk and talk and talk.

After the Ladies room...Lindsay was quiet. She started to walk back to the Stadium. I said to Lindsay, "Didn't you want to Surprise..." and that was all I could say, she already changed her expression and dashed toward the concession stand. "I am so HAPPY you took my suggestion MOM." We got nachos, kettle corn, soda, and a hot dog.

When the Concert started...SheDaisy was the opener for Jonas Brothers. Ryan was bummed. He said, "Jonas Brothers are not Girls." Lindsay was happy to dance and sing. Finally Jonas Brothers were getting ready to come out....Lindsay was screaming and jumping, but Ryan had his hands covering his ears as he tells us, "Why are those girls screaming. I can't hear the music." Finally, when they came out, Ryan couldn't believe "JONAS BROTHERS were for REAL."

The evening was wonderful to see Ryan and Lindsay having fun. Dan and I were tried after a long day and thankful we had EAR PLUGS. TWEENY Concerts are not the best when you have lots of YOUNG GIRLS screaming through the whole concert. We must be getting OLD.