Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snow Angels

Ryan will be six in February. He keeps tell everyone he is six, almost. He has a lot of energy. Sometimes, way too much energy. He loves to have fun, enjoys boy movies not girl movies, and love to play with his Transformers and Star Wars toys. He is excited to be in Kindergarten; and we are's all day kindergarten.

Lindsay just turned four last October. She is a girly girl all the way and loves to be the Princess of the house. She loves her ballet classes and is excited to start a new preschool. She laughs everytime she says her preschool name. She thinks it is funny to have a school named Dancing Moose.


amanda said...

Yeah, I'm glad she is at Dancing Moose. I know that we had talked about it before. How do you like the school? Is it good? I'm trying to find a preschool/daycare for Aidan that is not too expensive. Thank you for letting me glimpse into your lives. Knowing that these beautiful days are possible when I am staring down an awful day at work make my job a little easier. Thank you!!! Tell the kids hello (if you want) Amanda

Mad Queen said...

Cute photos! I love snow photos. We just went to the mountains last weekend... it is such a good place to get the kids ENERGY BUGS OUT! They come home totally pooped... well of course the parents are pooped too, but that is okay... well worth it. Here here for all day kindergarten... and pre-school too... good for the kids and good for the mommies.