Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Family

My Family has grown in the last 13 years. My Parents had six kids; 5 boys and 1 girl. Of course, that means I was the only girl. I remember telling myself; one day I will have my sisters. Bill married Kathryn and they have three beautiful girls; Hannah, Eliza, and Sophia. Mark married Staci and they have two girls and one boy; Emma, Rebecca, and Matthew. I married Daniel in and we now have one boy and one girl. Jared married Miriam and they have one girl and one boy; Eva and I call my newest nephew Gavin (aka baby Jared Jr.). Joshua married Lorretta and they are still the newlyweds. And my youngest brother Andrew enjoying the single life. The count today is Girls 13 and Boys 10. As you can see the girls are out numbering the boys. And that is just on my side.


Mad Queen said...

Wow, how fun to see the family grown up! I hardly recognized anyone. That is fun to see who your brothers married and their kids! Wow, time marches on! You still have one left to get married... me too... Michelle (4th) although it will probably happen in June. Your mom and dad look great... totally the same... they have aged very well. Tell them hello for me.


Kristine Van Buskirk said...

What a family! Too funny that I'm commenting under my own sister. ha ha. Great picture! I love that you gave us details about them and their children. So fun to see each other "grown up." I still feel like we should be in HS. Will that ever change? It has be almost 13 years. Guess that means I should grown up. :) Thanks for the updated pictures of both families. So many cousins! We only have (between Stew's family and my own) 19 cousins. What a family reunion for you!!!! Oh, and tell Jared his wife is BEAUTIFUL and his kids!!