Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a Graduate!

"May 29, 2009 Preschool Graduation"
Lindsay is so excited to graduate from Preschool. She has been attending Dancing Moose Montessori since January 2008. She is sad to leave her "baby school and friends." She is excited to go to her "Big Girl school and make new friends." She will start this next school term in late July as a Kindergartner.
Ryan and I attended Lindsay Preschool Graduation. Lindsay was so excited to wear her cap and gown. The Preschool Graduates sang to us songs they have learned. Then the director gave a little speech and read a poem.
To whom it may concern:

I know numbers, I know shapes, Know that purple stands for grapes. I know red, and white and blue, I know green and yellow, too. I've made friends, know how to share. What is wrong and what is fair. Know what policeman and mayors do. Fireman and nurses too. I'm an artist, I can paint. I try hard not to say ain't. I have rhythm. I know sounds. I've had ups, and I've had downs. I've been quiet. I have giggled. I've sat still. At times I've wiggled...worked all year for this degree. There now, aren't you proud of me?


As the director called each child up; she read what they wanted to be when they "GREW UP." Some children wanted to be teachers, policeman, fireman, princesses, speed racer, doctors, paleontologist and were very sincere about what they wanted to be. Others were sincere too! But it just sound really FUNNY!

A little boy wanted to be a singer at first but then become a famous Disco Dancer.

A little girl wanted to become a princess riding a unicorn in a sparkled dress.

A little girl wanted to be NORMAL.

A little boy wanted to become a Dad and then a really OLD MAN.

A little boy wanted to be come a contractor so he can destroy his friends house.

And last but not least...a little boy wanted a miniature train farm, so he can build miniature trains, since this world does not have them.

Do you see why some of these were FUNNY?

And then Lindsay's name was called. Lindsay wanted to be a Queen. Not a Princess like all the other girls but a Queen. I could not believe this is what she wanted to be. Her teacher told me, she wanted to be the Queen so she can be the boss just like her Mom! Now that is funny.

I guess I am BOSSY! But who didn't know that already. LOL!

She was sad because they didn't tell everyone what she wanted to be. She wanted to be the Queen, so she can rule the World and be the boss just like me. They only told people she just wanted to be the Queen. But her point was to be the Boss. I had to find a place to laugh. Lindsay was serious. I didn't want to laugh in her face. She is my little Drama Queen and little Miss Diva.

I told Lindsay that Dr. Joyce's microphone had problems because of the wind. She said it, we just could not hear her very well. She was fine with that answer.

I can't wait and neither can Lindsay for her start her new adventure in Kindergarten.
Congratulations Lindsay for your accomplishment!

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Kath said...

Very CUTE! Sophie doesn't graduate from her preschool until June 25th.