Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This has been a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. Let's start with Friday. It was the first Friday in sometime I had the day to myself. Ryan and Lindsay were in school. My husband's work started their Overtime for the summer. I had 4 hours, that is right 4 hours to myself.

Once the breakfast dishes and a load of my laundry were done. It was ME TIME! Everything else can wait until the kids got home or do on another day. What was I going to do? I could have a pedicure, massage, sleep, or I can do window shopping. Ok it wouldn't be window shopping; I could never just window shop.

I enjoyed the quiet time soaking in my big tub, watching a Nora Roberts movie, and had a nap.

It was nice to have me time; which put me in a good mood. Ryan then comes home from school all excited with what he has for me for Mother's Day. I told him it is not Mother's Day until Sunday. Then Lindsay comes home from school all excited with what she has for me for Mother's Day. I told her the same thing; it is not Mother's Day until Sunday.

As I started to make Dinner, the kids were outside playing. I changed my mind on what I was making for Dinner. I made Sweet and Sour chicken from scratch. Something different for a change. Lindsay and Ryan were done playing. The first thing they said; Wow! It smells good in here. Your the best cook ever. Watcha making.

My hubby came home from work and took the kids to the Mall; while I finished up with Dinner. Ryan and Lindsay were so excited. Lindsay told Dad she wanted to buy me all this stuff. Dad told her we are going to get a few items. She was sad until they walked in to a few stores. Ryan could careless until the last store. He was excited to be in a store full of chocolotes and they were passing out samples. Once they got home they wanted me to open everything up. I told them, it is not Mother's Day until Sunday. Everything was wrapped up nicely with the name of the stores...but I am excited for the box of See's chocolate and the little box from Kay jewelry.

Lindsay and Ryan excitement was still very HIGH to open something. Maybe it was the chocolate suckers they had at the mall. Anyways, I told them...we can have a sneak peek of Mother's Day by them bring in their gifts they did at school.

Ryan made a card for me and gave me a coupon book. He was so excited until...I started to read all the coupons of jobs he can do for me. He decided that was a mistake to give to me. Lindsay teacher helped her fill in the blanks of a letter and I got some melted chocolates. Both kids enjoyed helping me eat the melted chocolates. Lindsay told her teacher my mom's name is Lindsay too! I know everything. My favorite colors are PINK and CHOCOLATE. My favorite hobby is SLEEPING.

Friday was a nice start into Mother's Day.

This morning was nice. I was able to sleep in until about 8:30am. I found Ryan and Lindsay in my bed with the TV on at a low volume and the channel on 33 for Disney cartoons. My two kids now know how to turn the TV on and they recognize the number 33 is for Disney. Wow! Downstairs the TV was also on and on the channel 33. The downstairs TV was turned on by Dad just before he left for work.

The day began with a Mommy and Kids breakfast date at McDonalds. Then it was off to a doctor appointment for Ryan and then we had a few errands to do. I decided to have a family day doing yard work and cleaning house. My motivater was to redeem some of Ryan's coupons and one of the errands was to Walmart for them to pick out an a $4 item. This item they can have and only have once the jobs were done with no complaining. Ryan picked out a new SOCCER BALL and Lindsay picked out a PINK plastic golf bag with clubs and balls. I also picked up some books.

It worked! They did not complain and they worked together. Ryan and Lindsay picked up all the dog poop and helped me mow the lawn. Then it was on to the kitchen, and their bathroom. And the final job was going through their drawers full of clothes. We went through every item of clothes....keep, DI, trash, and recycle pile. And we divided up the clothes into summer and winter piles. They also got a bath and were excited to go out and play.

Saturday was another nice day leading up to Mother's Day.
I am starting to like Mother's Day! It really should be a weekend event.

The best part of being a mom is reading to my children. I told them I enjoy cuddling up with them and reading a story. I enjoyed it when my mom read to me and I want them to have a memory of me being their mom and reading to them too. I gave my children new books as a gift from me to them on this Mother's Day. Ryan and Lindsay were excited to have new books.

Tomorrow is MOTHER'S DAY! I am excited to really enjoy MOTHER'S DAY this year. And that is because my kids are excited to really celebrate it with me. I am enjoying all the hugs and being told they love me, your the best Mom, and my favorite thank you for being my mom. (pause for crying)

My two children have only been in my home since the fall of 2006 and have come a long way. We went through tough times after the adoption in 2007. I can now say I have no regret. I am proud to be their MOM; through all the good and bad.

I want to wish all the Mother's out their Happy Mother's Day. And Thank you for sharing your advice with me. It was very helpful as a new mom with two children; now 5 and 7 years old.

For all of you mom's who have not read this book...The 5 love languages of children. It is a must read. This was the book that helped turn things around for our family. We were able to bond with our children. This book was referred to us by a friend.

I wished this was a book the Therpist had suggested to us to read first before all the other books. This was the most important book. We would have been able to strengthen our bond with our children from the very beginning and be able to move forward as a family.

Lots of Love this Mother's Day,


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Christine said...


It sounds like you had a wonderful mothers day!!

Some of mine turn out better than others and some we would just like to forget. :)

What a cute family you have!