Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dancing Moose 1K marathon

Lindsay was excited to hear her school was having a 1K marathon. She was going to run and win the race. She was looking forward to getting in shape. Lindsay and I were counting down the days until the marathon. We did little walks here and there. We were eating lots of good and health food. She was in training.

Is Lindsay going to RUN, WALK, OR PIGGY BACK RIDE?

The day final came...May 30, 2009!
Runner are you
On your Mark, get set, GO!

Wait a minute!
That is Ryan in the blue shorts and blue cap running. He is passing everyone up. Even his sister Lindsay.

He was not suppose to run in this race. He was getting over from being sick. He had yesterday a 102 fever, a bad headache and cold. He was told he had to sit this one out. He can only observe and support his sister.

There goes Lindsay...RUN LINDSAY....Oops and then there goes Lindsay. The first runner down with a scraped knee.

I picked her up and carried Lindsay for a little while. I was telling her it will be ok. Let's brush it off and finish the race. She was done. Running was not her favorite thing anymore. This is the "WORST DAY EVER!" I told her it is not the end of the world. The day is not over and she can change the outcome to make it her "BEST DAY EVER!"

I finally got Lindsay to start walking on her own. She was still upset and complaining she didn't want to do this anymore. She has no chance of winning. She was to far behind. She started to cry more when she saw her brother already coming back.

Ryan was walking. He was coughing and did not sound good. When I asked him how he felt, he said he didn't feel good. I told him just to walk it off or sit down. He couldn't sit down. Why? He just need to catch his breath and he can't let that little kid pass him up and beat him. He then started to run again.

Lindsay was back to complaining again. Her brother was going to beat her. She kept on walking and complaining. I finally told her we made it half way and now we are turning around to head back to the finish line. Yeah! Keep going Lindsay we are now more than half way done.

I told Lindsay, I can see the FINISH LINE. Another lady walking beside me told me, "Your daughter already took off and left you behind."

There she goes...still running toward the FINISH LINE. I guess it is just me, left behind.

And as I approach the FINISH awaits my two children. They are not waiting to Cheer me on! Ryan and Lindsay both said, "Mom your slow. We beat you."

Now it's time to evaluate Lindsay's injury. She did scrape her knee up, but it's not that bad. Lindsay said, her knee will feel better with a little kiss and a band aid. She got the kiss, but I didn't have a band aid in hand. The bandaid was eventually forgot.

All eyes went directly to the CLIMBING WALL!

Lindsay is such a good climber. She said, "Too hard, she had fun coming down. It was like a swing." I asked if she wanted to go again. She wanted to try and go higher. This way it would be more fun to swing down.

Ryan made it to the top. He was so excited he let go. He screamed coming down, "I did it!" He was so excited. He told me, "that was fun, let's do it again." We did it again, but this time he didn't make it to the top. He lost his footing and came down. He still thought it was COOL!

We had a picnic lunch, music, climbing wall, face painting and lots of different playgrounds to play on. We ended our stay with a little face painting. Ryan had a soccer ball and Lindsay had a butterfly. They both had lots of fun. Now it is time to get home and rest. Especially Mr. Ryan.

Lindsay finished the race even though she had fallen down at the beginning. She ran, walked and was carried. Ryan finished the race too! My kids didn't win the race. But it was all worth it! In the end all the kids were WINNERS!!!


Debbie D said...

Whew, what day you had! I'm so glad Lindsay finished her race. I'm so happy for her. Way to go Lindsay!

Kath said...

Way to GO Lindsay (and Ryan too)!