Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ryan's 1st grade Class Project!

Hola this is Ryan. Welcome to my family blog. We are learning all about family customs and celebrations in our class. We don't have a traditional dress or dance. My parents are not from a far, far, far away land. My Mom and Dad are born and raised in the good ole' USA.

Looking at all the things we do it revolves around family and church.

In my family we celebrate all the Holidays. Out of all the Holidays Christmas is my favorite. On Christmas day after all the gifts are open we like to go as a family to see a movie. What is funny; my cousins will go and see the same movie on Christmas day and they live in another state....California.

For Christmas we have for dinner Turkey or Ham, homemade cream corn, mash potatoes, salad, rolls, stuffing and of course the yummy desserts. Everyone looks forward to the homemade cream corn. It is our families favorite.

We do a gift exchange with another family on both my parents side. On my dad's side they have a memory question they have to answer. Kinda like a remember when we were younger. At Christmas we will get everyone's memory and laugh. We have a book with the last 9 years of funny memories of my dad's family as a child.

We like to travel to California at least once a year. We have lots of fun with my Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents (Lo Lo and Lola), and cousins. We have gone to the beach, camping, museums, zoos, and of course Disneyland.

Our family has a tradition; they take lots of photos and keeping a journal for us....Genelogy. As you can see my family has a blog about our life as a family together for the last year. Our blog address is twosillymonkeys.blogspot.com, funny huh? My mom thinks my sister and I are silly monkeys.

The top 10 list about my family:

10. They are all silly monkeys and talk funny. My Aunt and Uncles speak different language because they served a Mission in another country. My other Aunt is from Mexico. We like her tradition of having a Pinata for Birthdays. Yeah for Pinatas and all the goodies inside.

9. Traveling to California to visit family and do something fun like Disneyland. Coming Disneyland for 2009.

8. We have a fun time playing in the snow around Christmas time.

7. Going to the movies on Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

6. We eat funny foods; like worms in the mud when we go camping. (oreos, chocolate pudding and gummy worms....Yummy, yummy in my tummy.)

5. I love seeing my Lo Lo (grandpa) and Lola (grandma). They travel to see us during the Christmas season. Lo Lo and Lola; when it snows, I will save the snow for our traditional snowman making.

4. I enjoy learn a little bit of Spanish or Cebuano from my Uncles and Aunts. I think they are funny when they all use a different dialogue. They like to tease us.

3. Summer vacations; amusement parks, pools, parks, camping, Utah Arts Festival, sporting events..Yeah Soccer...etc. I like having fun, fun, fun with my family.

2. We set the tree up as a family, decorate, sing songs, and star lights on the outside of our house. My mom makes homemade goodies to eat while we decorate. This Friday we will be doing our family decorating for Christmas.

1. I can't wait until Christmas has come to open up all my gifts. Because...my birthday is next and I will get to open more gifts from my family. LOL!

Thank you, for taken a moment to look at my family blog. We have lots of fun. I have attached some of my favorite photos.

Pretty Sweetie.

Signing off Ryan


Davis Family 5 said...

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan,

I LOVE to hear all about your family. Pretty soon it will be YOU having to think of memories at Christmas time. It sure sounds like you have a lot of fun with your family. The homemade creamed corn sounds sooooooooo good! I love all your pictures too! Keep up the blogging, it is such a good way to remember things and keep your history.

Becky said...

You're good at this blog thing! Keep it coming!

Amanda said...

What an awesome family you have Ryan. You are one lucky boy!