Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy 35th Birthday

Today is my Birthday, November 30! Hey, it is my birthday and I chose to be lazy and waste my day the way I wanted to; Relaxing! Ok, it helps to have my Birthday on a Sunday.

I am now Thirty-Five years old. The OLD part, I wish I didn't have to feel. Thirty-Five is another milestone in my life. I am happy that I am old enough to know something, but still young enough to enjoy my life.

I had a good 35 years, I still wish I can look and feel 23 again. But I know that is not going to happen in this life time. Hopefully, in the next life. I have a lot of good memories, some sad memories and a few memories I wish I didn't have. That is all part of life. I choose to focus on all the good memories. I will have many new memories to come.

Top 10 list; This is one Birthday weekend I am not going to be able to forget.

10. Losing Lindsay in the Mall.
9. Lindsay telling everyone all weekend long it is my birthday and adding another year on each time. I think we ended at 45, when I told her I am not 45.
8. Lindsay and Ryan singing loud, "Happy Birthday!" all weekend long.
7. Ryan reminding me I am 30 years older than Lindsay.
6. Eating at the Cheesecake Factory for my Birthday and NOT being sung to. Thanks to the other Melissa being sung to at the table across from us.
5. Lindsay telling me I can have anything here at the mall, her treat. Then going up to Dan and asked him for his credit card.
4. Having my Birthday on a Sunday; means I can Relax.
3. Taking a nap and Lindsay quietly singing to me and cuddling with me.
2. Dan, Ryan and Lindsay cleaned the whole house while I was taking a long nap.
1. Dan made my favorite cake; Lemon Jello Cake.


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