Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Lindsay and Ryan have been excited about Halloween for months. Is it the Candy, or the Customes? Trick or Treating for Candy was in first, then coming in Second the Customes, and dead last Parties! They were happy to dress up and eat candy, candy, candy and more candy. Yeah for them. Not good for us.
It was not easy for them to only choose one custome. They wanted several customes. For Ryan he was choosing between the Hulk, Jedi, Iron Man, or Transformer? And for Lindsay she was choosing between Tinker Bell, Sleeping Beauty, Butterfly, Lady bug, or all the Princess dresses you can find? They finally chosen their costume. Lindsay decided to be Sleeping Beauty. Ryan wanted to be Iron Man. Candy is our worst enemy this time of year. Thank goodness for the Three Day Rule. That is Right! Candy is only good for Three Days and then we have to throw it out. That is right, again! Of course, we don't throw it all away. We give some away, hide some for later and Dan eats some too! We can't let it all go to waste. It is a visual for the kids and they don't hassel us for the Candy. They know it is gone. Our kids love to have a surprise later; when it is not expected. They don't realize it is from Halloween.

Ryan and Lindsay were excited to get tooth brushes, pencils, rings, teeth and eyeballs. Which makes it fun for them and less candy in their bags.

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