Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh My Uncle Josh!

My brother JOsH decided to make a trip to Utah. Of course; to see our brother Andrew and attend a football game at BYU. We were just a bonus since we live here in Utah. Just Kidding...Uncle JOsh wanted to spend a little time too with his niece and nephew. Lindsay and Ryan were excited to camp out in the family room with Uncle JOsh.

The next morning JOsH, Andrew and Dan went out shooting the guns that Dad bought. According to the photos; they seem to enjoy shooting at Andrew's computer part or something. From there JOsh and Andrew headed off to a football game and to enjoy the rest of their time hanging out together. Dan came back home to get cleaned up for some other activities we had planned.

JOsh and Andrew ended up at our house on Sunday for a Family Dinner, chat, and a movie before JOsh's plane took off. We enjoyed having JOsh here. The kids enjoyed having both of their Uncles around. Next time JOsh bring Lorretta and Cali (kitty cat) with you.

JOsh and Andrew taught Ryan to say Oh my Uncle JOSh instead of Oh my ***. Which has been bugging me all week. Now Ryan is saying Oh my Uncle JOsh. I laugh at that phrase instead of getting upset when he used the other phrase. Instead of Oh my goodness, Oh my G**, it is now Oh my Uncle JOsh. Thank you Josh and Andrew.

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