Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Lindsay!

Happy Birthday Lindsay! Happy Birthday Lindsay!

Lindsay is now 5 years old. She loves Hello Kitty, Hannah Montana and dolls. Her favorite color is Pink & Chocolate. She loves to pretend she is reading. She reminds me of the little girl in Anne of Green Gables. This is one of her favorite books we read together. She is excited to be a part of a family with lots of cousins.

This year we kept the party low key and just have a family Birthday party for Lindsay which just the four of us. It was nice to not have to plan a birthday party. We had a nice dinner. Lindsay was excited to pick out her cake. Of course, she picked out the biggest cake at Costco. We had cake that lasted over a week. She enjoyed blowing out her candles and opening her gifts.

The Top 10 List: Things we love about Lindsay:

10. Always volunteers to help clean someone else's house and not her own.
9. Loves to dress up as a Princess with her friend London.
8. Loves all the attention on her.
7. Her excitement when she sees a Princess or Hello Kitty Character.
6. Her excitement to do something as a Family.
5. Her hugs, kisses and I love you comes in a package.
4. Telling her remember when stories; whether for real or fake.
3. Her eyes light up when she smiles.
2. Loves to cuddle with Mommy Missy and tells me, "You are my mommy, I had missed you in my other home."

And the number 1 reason we love about Lindsay....

1. The exitement she had when we told her we are going to adopted her in to our family. How she really wanted to be apart of this family. From her name....all the way until the day we were married (sealed) as a family. I love hearing Lindsay tell people we are a family because we are married in the Temple. We are happy to have Lindsay as our daughter.

Love Mommy Missy, Daddy Dan, and brother Ryan.

Happy Birthday Lindsay! Happy Birthday Lindsay!


Kath said...

We love you Lindsay! Happy 5th Birthday :)

Amanda said...

"You are my mommy, I had missed you in my other home."
Priceless. Made me tear up. You are both wonderful parents with beautiful children. I'm glad that I have a chance to "lurk" and see them grow!!