Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 11th Anniversary!

October 11th, 2008 was our 11th Wedding Anniversary. What good memories of our actually Wedding Day! Dan was telling me how my brothers were trying to tell him..."Last chance to get out."... "She is your problem once you get married."..."We like you Dan, are you really sure about this." I was cool and claim; while everyone was running around. Until the little old lady asked if I need to use the ladies room before going to the brides room. I ended up throwing up and crying. Ahh... precious memories!

Dan and I have not really celebrated our anniversary for the last 2 years. Our 9th anniversary we were able to take the kids out to dinner from the Christmas box. Then on our 10th anniversary we had a party to celebrate the adoption of our children. Those two years skipped on by. We decided we were going to go away for a whole weekend, just us and no kids.

Our friends were kind enough to take care of our kids and our dogs for the weekend. Dan and I were excited to get away with no kids. We started to plan our weekend. Should we go to Park City for three days. They always have something going on. Or get away to the Anniversary Inn? Maybe take a cruise, or a trip out of Utah? Where should we go?

Did that happen? It seems something always happened. Then with the kids school and last soccer game. I just couldn't put all that on my friend. And on top of all that I was sick at the beginning of the week with an eye infection and a sinus infection. I did not feel up to traveling.

We decided to just send the kids overnight to our friends on Saturday into Sunday. This way Lindsay will be taking and picked up from school by us. She was going through an attachment phase we didn't want to miss. She was trying to and wanted to attach to Dan. We also did not miss Ryan's last soccer game. He really wanted all of us at this last game. How can you say, "No."

We took the children out on a Family Night together on Friday Night. Dan and I decided surprising the kids leaves little for disappointment for everyone. We packed the kids PJ sandwiches, and apples to eat at the movies and watch Igor. This way we feel they had a little bit of a dinner before we take them out for ice cream after the movie. Ryan and Lindsay thought we were the coolest since we had Ice Cream before Dinner. They thought PJ sandwiches were just lunch. We had a nice dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ.

After Ryan's soccer game that ended early since a rain/snow storm came pouring down. We took them to our friends house. Lindsay kept asking if we were going to ever come back. Ryan said, "Good Bye see ya in a week." Our dogs stayed home with us.

That's Right; we stayed home. We took care of our Dogs. We decided to go out for lunch to The Cheese Factory....Yummy food! Brought home the left overs. Dan and I decided we were tried and would take a little nap with no interruption from kids. We LOVED our NAP. I guess you can say as you get older a NAP is a good thing. We were thinking of heading out and decided it was too COLD and a Storm was coming in. We enjoyed each others time.... alone...NO KIDS...together. OK! We were too LAZY to get out of a warm bed. Of course, Dan had to walk 5 feet into the kitchen to get our YUMMY leftovers and dessert.

Dan and I enjoyed 11 years together and we are looking forward to many more to come. Maybe next year we will really get away. I am thinking anything far, far, far away with no kids will be wonderful.


Kath said...

Congratulations! You look so beautiful in your wedding pictures. Bill always says he wants a vacation at home since he hates to sleep on other less comfortable beds! It sounds like a wonderful weekend.

The Terry Family said...

Congrats on 11 years! The time goes by so fast. P.S Your blog is really cute.

Davis Family 5 said...

Ah...Happy 11th Anniversary. We're only two months apart! 1997 was a good year, no?
I never can understand HOW people "get away" for a romantic weekend. It's IMPOSSIBLE with kids! I'm glad you did some time to yourselves though. Sleeping on your own terms is such bliss!
Love ya!

heather n sean said...

Your family is so cute, I love your photo!!

heather n sean said...

Your family is so cute, I love your famiy photo!