Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lindsay Preschool photos!

At the Dancing Moose, Lindsay's school they were having the kids individual photos...old fashion style. Lindsay was so excited to have her preschool photos taken. She wanted to dress up in the big hats and dresses. I didn't even think of her having any issues. She freaked out. She did not want anyone to help her. She was sad that I was not their to help her put on the pretty dresses. I asked her why she would not allow her teacher to help her. She said, "No one is suppose to see her change or see her naked body." She ended up having her photos taken with her normal clothes on. The teachers did not tell me nor called me. I would have been there, if I only new. I did not find out the problem until when the photos came in. They were still cute photos of Lindsay. Lindsay thought I would be mad. I told her that I am not mad. I am just sad she could not have the photos she wanted all dress up. Next time she can tell her teacher she does not feel comfortable with her helping her and she would like them to call me. And I will let the teacher know ahead of time too or find out what time so I can be there.

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Amanda said...

She is just so stinking cute!! I love her hair. I also love the fact that she knows "No one is suppose to see her change or see her naked body." You are a good mom & a good example for your wonderful kids.