Friday, February 22, 2008

Asked to Speak; "What?"

We were asked to speak for the UFCF to a foster care pre service class were other families working on getting their license or relicensing. They wanted us to share our experience in adopting two children from foster care. We were bribed to get credit hours; since we are renewing our license. They have been asking since we adopted our two children to come and speak and share the good, the bad and the ugly of our children.

It was sad to think of all the bad and the ugly. But it was wonderful, to remember all the good. It was nice to share that we have a lot of good days. We wanted to give the children a history or a life book for them. We started it but have been so busy we could not keep up with it. We now have the kids story down and are ready to put it into scrapebooks. A scrapebook they can always look at and a scrapebook they can have when they turn 18 years of age and ask for the information.

It is not a baby book; but we are going to make a special book for them. We will see if we get ask us back or if we get blacklist to not be asked to speak again. Maybe, we scared to many foster care potentionals.

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me said...

Thank you for agreeing to teach a foster care class. When I think of great foster parents I think of you and Dan. You had some very rough moments but stuck it out. Thank you! Amanda