Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy 37th Birthday Dan!

January 31st, 1972

Dan is a wonderful cook, handy man, house keeper, landscaper, dog walker, husband, father, friend and Eternal companion. He always makes me laugh. I just have to watch out sometimes when he plays his practical jokes. He is a very loving man and has a lot of patience. Believe it or not, he has me on a pedal stool and treats me as a Queen. He knows me the Best.
My husband is an OLD MAN! His bones are already aching and he is always complaining about the new gray hairs he is finding and the new places hair can grow. Just kidding my love. Ha, Ha, Ha!

Dan was a cute and happy baby. As he gets older, he gets even better looking with age. He has beautiful, and honest eyes. The crows feet around his eyes just means he is still always smiling.

These are a few photos of my husband when he was a little boy. Doesn't he look like Ralph minus the glasses from the Christmas Story in this photo.

Happy Birthday Dan!

I love you very much. As we always tease each other and say....I you once I love you and if it ever changes I will let you know.

LOve you infinitely more,


P.S. Save this date January 31, 2012 on your calendars. I am planning Dan's Black 40th Birthday.

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Becky said...

Dan, it was so good cathching up on the phone! And I can attest he is a very patient person, non-judgemental, spiritual, and a good listener too. Happy Birthday big brother!