Saturday, June 28, 2008

Utah Arts Festival

When I first moved to Utah; I lived in the Avenues where they always had the Art Festival going on downtown every year. A friend I met here introduce me to the Utah Arts Festival. We enjoyed going when we could. Once we moved in our house it died down; we were doing more house projects or attending the Parade of Homes instead.

When Ryan and Lindsay first came to our home; we decided to find things they would enjoy. Now it is our little tradition to try and attend the Arts Festival each year. The kids enjoy the hands on kiddie corner and do arts & crafts, run through a maze, and play music. This year the kids were not that interested in the kiddie corner. The were more interested in all the little booths, face paintings, and musical numbers. I do have to say I was a little disappointed myself in the kiddie corner this year.

We always start off with taken Trax downtown. The kids love riding the train. We first hit the kiddie corner. Ryan and Lindsay did a few crafts. They were more intrigued with the instruments; banging on the bongos, and hitting the chimes. We found a booth with home made crafts for sale. Ryan and Lindsay both wanted something from the booth. I told them I was going to buy them a snack here. If they choose they can use the snack money for something at this booth instead of having a snack.

I was surprised they turned down a snack. Ryan wanted the bow and arrows. Lindsay wanted a Princess head piece and wand. I let them purchase the items. Both were excited to have these items. Was that a really smart move on my end...bows and arrows and a wand hummmm? It made them happy. By the end of the day they were taken away. They start to use them as weapons to start a fight with each other.

Anyways, the kids really enjoy listen to a group of children play the violin. Lindsay danced around with her little price attidude. It was cute. Face painting...I really disliked because with children it can be very mess. Children are already dirty and sweaty why make it worse. But again I could not say "NO." Lindsay had Hell0 Kitty painted on her face, which is her favorite. Ryan had the Transformer Emblem painted on his face. It was already smugged with in seconds after being put on his face. It does not look like a Transformer Emblem. Oh well. I just had two mess kids.

To top everything off they had the water feature finished and sure enough Ryan and Lindsay already had their shoes off and were already in the water. For kids who had water traum; they are starting to do much better and now have to be in the water, touch or near the water. They are now more facinated with the water verse being terrified.

Ryan and Lindsay enjoyed the Art Festival but compare to last year, I didn't enjoy it as much. Maybe, it was a little hard to enjoy since Dan was not with us. It was just me and kids. They didn't seem to have as much as they did last year. And my eyes were more on keeping track of the kids and not to loose them in this big crowd of people. Maybe next year it will be different.

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