Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surprise get together with The Neely's!

We were excited to receive a phone call from Uncle Richard. To our surprise, they were making a trip out to Utah and then to California. They were coming to see us in Utah before we went to California. We were able to hang with them again while we were in California. Talk about perfect timing.

Monday July 14th, we met up with them at Great Grandma Krause's for yummy stew and then we were off to the Park. Ryan and Lindsay were excited to go see Great Grandma Krause, it has been a year since they last saw her. Grandma Krause was happy to see her Grand children and Great Grand children. It was a nice visit and yummy stew!

At the park, the kids enjoyed laughing, climbing and swinging on the swing. Ryan loves the monkey bars, Lindsay loves the swing, Kyle enjoyed pushing his mom on the swing, and Kamae enjoyed the swing and slides. It was fun to see the kids be shy at first but then start to interact with each other.

This was a fun day to visit with our cousins from Indiana. This will not be the end. We will hook up with them again in California.

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