Friday, July 25, 2008

Girl's day out!

Girl's day out! It is time to hit the nail salon. Today was a day to enjoy getting a manicure and a pedicure. Eva and Lindsay were excited to join us gals at the nail salon. While Miriam, Mom and myself where getting our pedicure and manicure, the girls were exited to get their nails painted. Both Eva and Lindsay chose their nail polish, of course they keep coming across something better than before a better color, glitter, or hearts in clear polish. It was a tough decision before they each choose the one.

These girls were giggle and exited. They were moving around while they waited their turn. Will they be able to hold still long enough to let the nail polish dry? Believe it or not they made it through. At one point, I thought Lindsay was going to fall asleep. It was a tough call at the end. They started to copy each other's movement....just moments before the giggles start to come back. Yeah, there nails were dry enough.

It was a great day to spend time with each other and watch the girls giggle and enjoy girl's day out!

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