Thursday, July 24, 2008

We are excited to spend time with family! This years trip to California was very eventful and fun. Ryan and Lindsay were excited to spend time with their new cousins and Grandparents. We went camping for 5 days in the Lake Mendocino area. It was wonderful to have all the kids together.

Mom made sure there was plenty of food and games. She did not want to hear anyone saying they were bored. We had bikes, scooters, jewelry making, canoe and lots of fun down at the lake. Of course, we all brought our lap tops and sometimes were found hiding in the tents or cars to sneak in a movie or play a game. The kids had fun finding lizards, dead fish, performing a scene from Emma's imagination, soccer, cards and chasing each other around. Just watching them made me tired.

Dan and I enjoy taking walks at night; while the kids were asleep or riding bikes around during the day; no kids. I had a little mishap and lost to a tree stump. My shin is all scratched up. My hands and ankles swelled so bad it hurt when it got to hot.

Dan and I had the chance to take the kids out on the canoe and had some one on one time with them. They talked about having so much fun and couldn't believe they have so many cousins. The kids were excited to have lots of food available to them. And asked why they still had to eat their Lunch. (They called everything Lunch.)

We even caught Lindsay and cousin Sophia in the food tent. Sophia got away but Lindsay got stuck in the zipper of the food tent. Uncle Bill did wonderful getting Lindsay to eat the foods she should eat first before eating all the snacks. He would pretend the food was telling Lindsay to stop eating them. Bill and his voices. He would even teach his daughter Sophia to rescue Lindsay from mean old mom; who was making Lindsay set down and eat her food til it was all gone. Sophia would tell Lindsay to run while she took Lindsay's plate and throw it away. All why mom was pretending not to look.

Ryan was so excited he was able to practice with Uncle Drew with soccer. He enjoyed his Hulk gloves chasing the girls with his gloves. He and his cousin Matthew were amazed with Uncle Mark's bike. Ryan was so excited when Uncle Drew invided all the nieces and he was the only nephew to stayed in his tent for one night. They stayed up telling scary stories and laughing. Ryan thought Uncle Drew was gross eating worms from the dirt. He then changed his mind when Uncle Drew gave everyone dirt and worms to eat for dessert. He decided eating worms was great. (Receipe for worms: gummie worms, chocolate pudding and crushed up oreos.)

We had a great time camping with my family. It sure was different. Noboday, got sick and no had to drive back living a throw up trail. It was a different camping experience than it was when I was younger. Mom and Dad, really wanted to make sure there was something for everyone

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Kath said...

We really did have a great time! I'm glad you took pictures because I hardly took any. I have a cute picture of Sophie and Lindsay on the hammock that will send to you.