Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let's Go Real Salt Lake!!!

Ryan started to play soccer last fall. He was sad that he was on a break for the winter. When it came Spring; he kept asking when does soccer start. He started to play soccer again Mid-April. He is one of the Star players. he was excited to score 4 goals in one game.
On Saturday, we went to a REAL of Salt Lake soccer game. Ryan was so excited to watch his first soccer game. Ryan attention span was WOW! He would stare at the game with no emotion. Uncle Drew came with us and was trying to help Ryan cheer for the Real team or yell at the bad call. Lindsay wanted to really go with us to the soccer game. We were not sure how long her attention span would last. She was so excited to be at the game. Of course, it was because she saw they had food at the game. She ran right to the ICE CREAM stand. Both kids enjoyed the game. Once the ice cream was gone. Ryan went back to watching the game and Lindsay was ready to go home. Ryan's attention from the game was distracted from time to time; when he saw the cotton candy guy walking around. Once the cotton candy guy was out of view....his focus was back on the game.

Our team won 2 vs 1.

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